Friday, April 20, 2012

Fit for a Bikini

It's almost bikini time and as much as I hate buying jeans, shopping for a bikini is ten times worse. It's like you got to mentally prepare yourself to notice flaws you knew you had, but never "really" saw. lol! I've always been a fan of the fit and style of L*Space line of bikinis. L*Space is known for starting the fringe bikini last season which is still all the rage this season. This year they also came out with the One Love Sun Seeker Swimsuit, (pictured on the left) a bandeau blouson one piece bathing suit. No unwanted tan lines, flattering fit and is great for all those moms and/or ladies that want to hide any mid-section flaws ;-). Check out L*Space or purchase online here. See you on the sand!!!